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Summary of Minutes of May 14, 2019

* The committee met to discuss the Congregational Meeting held on May 5, 2019. * We discussed the vote and the reasons for it. * We also talked about our next steps and our options. * We will continue to work to complete our task, and ask that you continue to pray for us that… Read more »

Meeting of Jan. 22, 2019

* We have narrowed our list of applicants. * So far we have interviewed four men for the position of pastor. * We have drafted letters for those whom we are not considering. * We continue to listen to sermons and examine resumes. * We ask that you continue to pray for us that God… Read more »

Meeting of Oct. 29, 2018

* We continue to receive applications to fill our Senior Pastor position. * The committee is reviewing those applications, reading resumes, and listening to sermons. * We are narrowing down our top candidates. * We will all listen to the same sermons by each man, and discuss at our next meeting. * We are also… Read more »

Meeting of Sept. 23, 2018

* Our Church Profile Form as been completed and is posted on the PCA website. * We have begun receiving cover letters, resumes, and Ministerial Data Forms. * We have all been reviewing these, and listening to sermons. * The members of the committee plan to continue delving more deeply into the candidates, keeping in… Read more »

Congregational Survey

We ask that each person take the survey only once. For those with multiple people in a household, you will need to each take the survey on a different device (computer, phone, tablet, iPad, etc.). Please use the following link to complete the survey: https://goo.gl/XJZZYD Paper copies will also be available in the narthex at… Read more »

Meeting of June 25, 2018

* The committee continued its work on our Church Profile Form, which includes sections on our beliefs, vision, values; the history of Grace PCA, and our current church demographics, as well as what we desire in a pastor. * The committee completed surveys regarding priorities for the ministerial position, and strengths and experiences desired. We… Read more »