Other World Missions

Purdue University

Curtis McDaniel and his wife Margaret serve students at Purdue University through Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). They have been at Purdue since 2013. Their vision is to cultivate and nurture a community on Purdue’s campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the Gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus, his Church and the world. Learn more here.

Indiana UniversityTubbesing_family

Eric and Stephanie could not be more thrilled to be in Bloomington and to be serving on IU's campus. They have long had a heart for young adults and college students and are so excited to be ministering to students at IU. Learn more here.

Ball State UniversityTubbesing_family

Matt is excited to be a part of what the Lord is doing at Ball State through reaching out to students on campus, bringing the gospel to them, and providing them that same safe community space that was important to him during his time in college. He is motivated by seeing peoples lives changed by Jesus and sending them into the world to impact other with the gospel. Learn more here.

ONEChild Ministry

All around the globe, MTW's ONEChild ministry connects at-risk children with the family of Christ by providing education, food, and basic medical care. Ministering to the whole child allows them to become mature, self-supporting adults, committed to Jesus Christ and His Church. It is a program that changes lives--on both sides of the world. This ministry was established by Mission to the World (MTW) and is another organization that receives support from Grace. Learn more here: https://www.mtw.org/onechild.

MTW Global Disaster Response

This is a ministry of compassionate response to urgent human suffering organized by Mission to the World (MTW). MTW’s Global Disaster Response ministry responds rapidly to calls from around the world to bring medical care, counseling, and construction assistance in times of disaster. This ministry works alongside national churches, church planters, government officials, and other international relief organizations to meet the needs of the victims, both physical and spiritual. By connecting with church planters already in the field, GDR uses the opportunity to strengthen church plants or to establish relationships that may evolve into church planting. This organization also receives support from Grace. For more information, see: https://www.mtw.org/disaster-response.

MNA Chaplain Ministries Program

Missions to North America (MNA) oversees a Chaplain Ministries Program focused on supporting military chaplains with prayer and other means of support. Through that program, Grace has “adopted” Scott Cauble and his wife Nancy. Scott is serving with the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps. Please pray for Scott and his family that God will open doors to military personnel and their families, and allow him to share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. You can learn more about the MNA Chaplain Ministries Program at: http://pcamna.org/chaplain-ministries/

Casa Josef Orphanage (Beius, Romania)

Grace has supported an orphanage located in Beius, Romania since 1992, when our Senior Pastor first visited Beius while on a trip with staff from Mission to the World. Many other
PCA churches also support this ministry.
The orphanage is called Casa Josef, or Joseph’s House. Although referred to as “orphans,” a term for children whose parents are no longer alive, many of these “orphans” are really abandoned children. Their parents are alive, but are unable or unwilling to care for them. It is called Casa Josef (Joseph's House) after the biblical Joseph who was abandoned by his family, but through every circumstance set his hope on God because he knew God alone had the power to use it all for good.

Most of the children who receive help are Roma (also called gypsy) children, who come from situations of extreme poverty and neglect. Even though most Roma in Romania suffer from discrimination and are not able to support themselves, most of the children from Casa Josef have gone on to be college educated and to secure jobs. Some are now doctors and pastors! Grace has sent teams to work at Casa Josef, and we continue to support this ministry. You can learn more about the Casa Josef Orphanage in Romania at: http://www.remm-ministry.org/remm-casajosef.html