Outreach Courses

Grace regularly offers an outreach Bible study course that is designed to give people an opportunity to learn some basics about the Bible in a relaxed setting. For several years we have offered the God’s Message To You course as a review of the entire Bible in only six sessions. That course covers key names and events in the Bible and allows you to see where they fit into the big picture, and has helpful handouts. We have also offered the Christianity Explored course which looks at the Gospel of Mark to learn: (1) Who is Jesus? (2) Why did He come? and (3) What does it mean to follow Him? (see www.christianityexplored.com).

Featured on the Christianity Explored website

Outreach courses are usually held at the church or nearby locations such as the Lawrence Library (7898 Hague Rd.) or a Castleton-area hotel. In the weeks before each Grace outreach course, we usually offer “guest events” where people can gather together for a time of fun and fellowship (such as an Indians baseball game, a pizza party at Recreation Unlimited, or a scrapbooking event).  Those guest events provide an opportunity to get to know people better, and to invite them to join us at the upcoming outreach course.

We also encourage Grace families to offer outreach courses in their homes, where they can go through a Bible study with neighbors, family and friends. Grace families have, for example, offered Discipleship Explored in their home as a neighborhood study, and have also gone through God’s Message To You with neighbors. Another Grace family has used Tim Keller’s book Reason For God as an outreach study with neighbors and friends.

All of us know others (friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc.) who are not Christians. Inviting them to come to an outreach course is a good way to introduce them to the Bible and Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of the Great Commission. If you are wondering whether the Great Commission applies to you, the answer is yes! (See Acts 8:1-4 and 11:19-21)