Mission & Service

We trust in Christ alone; we grow together as a family at GRACE! The gift of Grace, from the Guilt of sin, leads to Gratitude. That’s the message of the Bible, and it is reflected in our lives. We seek to live lives of gratitude, remembering our past guilt and rejoicing in the present grace of salvation through Jesus, the Christ. We seek to bring glory to the God who saved us, and to be used by Him to equip believers and advance His kingdom.

Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed in the Bible alone, to the glory of God alone. And together we stand, not alone! Please join us!

MTW - About Our Missionaries

Mission To the World (MTW) sends over 700 missionaries to 86 countries around the globe. Find out where the missionaries Grace supports are serving.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Short term mission trips
Expand your worldview through short term projects. Serve, learn and watch how God’s hand is at work.

Other World Missions

Other world missions
We support organizations that minister to natural disaster victims, armed forces chaplains, vulnerable street children worldwide and students on college campuses in our own state.

Wheeler Mission Ministries

Wheeler Mission Ministries
Grace participates in the provision of food and shelter to Indiana's homeless population.

Local Outreach

Local outreach
Grace hosts multiple opportunities for engagement. Our Friendship Bible Study outreach proclaims the gospel to the disabled in our community.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is an annual tradition used to teach Christ to our children, their friends and local youth.