Convenant Groups

What is a Covenant Group?

A Covenant Group is a weeknight gathering of members and friends of Grace for fellowship and Bible study. Meeting regularly in smaller groups allows opportunities for developing relationships, and for deeper study of the truths of God's Word. Spiritual feeding during the week also helps to keep our souls nourished between Sundays.

Why do we call it "Covenant Group"?

That’s a good question! We recognize that we are saved only by God's condescending love to us. We cannot reach up to God; He has reached down to us. The way He has reached down to save us is called His "covenant of grace". That covenant is seen throughout the Bible, starting in Genesis 3:15 (when God promised an offspring of woman who would crush Satan's head). Another word used to describe God's promise (which of course He will always keep) is "covenant". It is a covenant of grace because we don't deserve it; it all depends on God (not on us) keeping His promise. We are included in that covenant of grace when we place our faith in God's Son, Jesus Christ (see Genesis 15:5 and 17:5, John 8:56, Romans 4:16 and Galatians 3:29). When we meet as God's "covenant people" – we meet as "Covenant Groups".

Covenant Groups | Maps

Westside Covenant Group

  • Meets Wednesday evenings at the Covert's home
  • Dinner at 6:00pm, study at 7:00pm
  • No Childcare
  • Contact Rob and Julie Covert 317-993-4537

Grace Covenant Group

  • Meets on Wednesday evenings at church (in Fellowship Hall)
  • Dinner at 6:30pm, study and prayer at 7:15pm
  • Childcare provided
  • Contact Dave Collins - 253-0684

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