GPC_0084-Happy-SrCoupleThe senior members participate in most activities at Grace Church. We have been blessed by a congregation sprinkled with the wit and wisdom of our senior members, who also offer great leadership and mentor services to the rest of the congregation.

Though all of our ministries have and welcome complete age integration, many of the members ranging from 52 to 102 also participate in some gatherings attended mainly by people with similar interests. A gathering might consist of the retired set or the semi-retired crowd with more flexible schedules, or a very active group of friends who would feel at home with participants of the Senior Golf Open. A few may even call themselves elderly and wear the badge with honor and dignity, and some will participate in Men’s Softball League or accomplish a great deal at the church workday. Many times this demographic will enjoy a Bible study, or a lunch out on the town, or a day trip to the outlet mall. While others will take a trip together to the Holy Land, Florida, the mountains or a lake cottage. Watch for announcements or better, just ask around for people who share your interests.