3 on 3 Basketball and 3-Point Contest

Basketball_-Invite1_5628Grace has an outdoor basketball court, and we have enjoyed hosting 3 on 3 basketball tournaments and 3 point contests. Members, regular attenders, friends and guests all participate. Having skills or coordination is definitely not a requirement! If you are interested, please watch for sign-ups being announced in the Sunday bulletin and during Sunday morning services several weeks prior to the tournament. Also please feel free to contact Thomas Crum or Matt Miller for more information.

Men’s Softball

Pitcher-softball-5604Grace has participated in a softball league with local churches, including other Presbyterian churches as well as churches of other denominations. The softball team is open to members and regular attenders. Guests, friends, and family members are encouraged to cheer on our team. Athletic-minded young (at least 13 years old) and older (no age limit!) men are encouraged to join. This is a great opportunity for fathers and sons to compete together, and fellowship with others. Many high school, college, and big league dreams of success are explored and relived on the softball field.

Golf Tournament

Sometimes called the “DeMasie Open”, the golf tournament at Grace is usually organized in the spring or summer. Church members, guests, and family are encouraged to participate in this exciting event! Sign-up and information is posted in the Sunday bulletin and announced during Sunday morning services several weeks prior to the event. For more information contact Mark DeMasie.

More Recreational Activities

In addition to the regularly scheduled recreation events, other activities are organized for church members, attenders, guests and family members. Some of those in the past have been canoe trips, Ping-Pong tournaments and camping trips. Ping-Pong tournaments have been hosted at the homes of church members and at the church. Most camping, fishing or hiking trips are organized informally by church members. Watch the Sunday bulletin for more information.