Annual Events

Church Retreat

CAL_5691adj-RetreatEach fall Grace Presbyterian Church invites its members and regular attenders to participate in a weekend family retreat. The retreat, usually free of charge, includes recreation activities, Bible lessons, and a guest speaker.



GPC-0026-HayrideEach year, in late October, a hayride and harvest cookout are hosted by Grace Presbyterian Church. For the event, families are encouraged to bring a dish for the pitch-in cookout meal. After the cookout, families are invited to stay for an exciting hayride. Families and guests of Grace are invited to attend the event. Sign-ups for the hayride and cookout sections of the event are posted outside the sanctuary for several weeks prior to the event.


Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Every year, on Good Friday, Grace holds a special Friday evening service for the occasion. During the Tenebrae Service, attenders are asked to enter the sanctuary quietly and refrain from talking and fellowship. The service, designed to be a somber reminder of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, focuses on His death. It ends with a reading of the Bible verses of Christ’s death on Calvary and the Bible slamming shut and the lights slowly dimming to signify the closing of His tomb. Those attending the Tenebrae Service are asked to exit quietly and refrain from fellowship and conversation inside the Church to reflect on the Good Friday message.

Easter Sunday Service

Every Easter, Grace Church celebrates our Savior’s resurrection and victory over death in a special service. The somber mood of our Good Friday Tenebrae Service is replaced with one of joy on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The focus of the service and the pastor’s sermon are on the victory over sin and death which believers have through Christ.

Missions Conference

Retreat-Speaker-revWL_5692The Missions Conference, held in late spring each year, is a time for Grace to promote its missionaries both nationally and abroad. During the Missions Conference, a number of missionaries visit Grace. Members and regular attenders are encouraged to participate in a Saturday-evening dinner for the missionaries, often with a message from a keynote speaker. The conference ends with Sunday services with a special message preached by a visiting missionary. Event conferences and sign-ups are announced several weeks in advance in the bulletin and Sunday morning service.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Each year, on Christmas Eve, Grace celebrates the holiday with a special candlelight service. The service includes a play that is performed by the youth of all ages. The younger members, from toddlers to elementary- and middle-school students, sing and participate in a drama that serves as a reminder to all of the first Christmas. Adult members, family, and guests sing along to favorite Christmas hymns and carols. The service concludes with the congregation lighting candles while “Silent Night” is sung.

Promotion Sunday

Each year, at the beginning of the school calendar year, a portion of the Sunday School hour is devoted to recognizing the children who have been promoted to a new Sunday School class. The ceremony is held in the Sanctuary, and all members, regular attenders, and families are encouraged to attend the event. The remainder of the Sunday School hour is dedicated to fellowship time for adults and children alike. The Promotion Sunday event is announced during the Sunday School hour for a few weeks prior to the occasion.

Vacation Bible School

youngclass1_5455Each summer, Grace hosts a Vacation Bible School for the youth of Grace and guests. During Vacation Bible School, children are taught the Gospel message through Bible lessons, Bible verses, Bible-based songs, recreation activities and crafts. They are encouraged to earn points for their teams by memorizing Bible verses, memorizing the books of the Bible, and helping to perform chores and household tasks for parents and neighbors. The week concludes with an invitation for children to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Vacation Bible School is announced for several weeks prior to the event in the bulletin and during Sunday-morning services. For more information, contact Julie Covert.

Spring Cleaning & Work Days

Twice a year Grace encourages its members to participate in the maintenance of the church facility during its semi-annual Work Days. One Saturday during each spring and fall, a list of tasks to help beautify Grace, both indoors and outdoors, is organized by the Deacons. Work Days are announced several weeks prior to the events, and all members, regular attenders, and family are encouraged to participate. The day, which often begins around 9 a.m. and lasts until lunchtime, is full of fun and fellowship as church members spend time doing work for the Lord and getting to know one another. Previous tasks have included painting, indoor/outdoor cleaning, weeding, and many other maintenance activities.